Corporate Gifts: 10 original ideas to surprise your customers

Corporate gifts are a must for any holiday. It may be Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, but they will always have an important place in the memories of clients and employees in your area. 

In simple words, corporate gifts are those that, within companies, are given to clients or employees. They are personalized according to the characteristics, vision and mission of the company in charge. For the same reason, with corporate gifts the company transmits empathy and appreciation for its beneficiaries.

If you are looking for the ideal option to celebrate some important date, and you don't know what to give to your clients, employees, suppliers or key personnel for your industry, in Le Petit Dep we have what you have been looking for, made by artisans from Quebec and with the highest quality standards.

In this article we present you 10 original ideas to surprise your clients, at the best price and with the best options that the market will offer you. We are convinced that a corporate gift will help to improve the image of the company in front of the customers. 

Don't forget that the image of any business is determined by the vision that the clients have of the place and the services provided. Therefore, corporate gifts are essential for you to show what your company is worth and the commitment it has with its customers, to give them a service according to their needs.

10 surprising ideas for corporate gifts

As we have already mentioned, corporate gifts are essential to strengthen ties with your clients. Therefore, in this article we are pleased to show you 10 surprising ideas for corporate gifts that you will surely love.

For the present selection we have taken factors of quality, economy, transcendence and efficiency. Based on these criteria, the 10 ideas developed here give form to multiple alternatives to elaborate beautiful details, according to the particular and general tastes of each one of the possible clients.

That said, and without further ado, let's get started.

First idea: Good morning gift box

The first idea we present to you is the good morning gift box. As its name indicates, it is focused on a morning theme, with elements of a morning routine and with a single objective: to help you wake up better. 

The products that make up this corporate gift are:

  • Peanut butter with chocolate and sea salt - 250 g - Logan Petit Lot.
  • Old School Espresso coffee bag - 340 g - 49th Parallel.
  • Granola - 280 g - Rustique.
  • Pure maple butter - 85 g - Domaine des 15 lots.
  • Lime and blackberry leaf spread - 270 ml - Dimanche matin.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

Your customers will be fascinated by these high quality and better tasting products. And, it goes without saying that the price is very affordable: you will only be paying $62.00 per box. Impressive, isn't it? 

Second idea: Gift box around the fire

The second idea we present to you is focused on the gift box around the fire that, in many ways, brings to mind the camping trips. With this corporate gift you will surely surprise your clients and achieve pleasant conversations, in the light of the fire. 

As it is known, the fire has been our brother throughout history. That is why the elements that we occupy and ingest habitually in front of it have strengthened the idea of being one with its warmth. 

Based on this, below we present the products that make up this corporate gift:

  • Original bonfire candle - 35 h - Au Naturel.
  • Duck and maple foie gras mousse - 120 g - Les Canardises.
  • Passion 70% chocolate bar - 60 g - État de choc.
  • Fig, olive and fennel cookies - 115 g - Les Minettes.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

With this corporate gift your clients will be delighted. It is true that at present it is not the best time to go out, due to health issues, but in a few months the situation will change. Going out with a "Gift Box around the Fire" will make your clients' lives better. 

Although staying in front of the fireplace is not a totally outdated idea. Its use is a matter of taste and commitment, and the important thing is that your clients will be delighted with this corporate gift (and your pocket too, since its value is $69.00 per box).

Third idea: Gift box in the forest

The third idea we present to you is called Gift Box in the Forest. With this corporate gift, your clients will feel among the trees, enjoying a spectacular view, under the shade of maples and tropical plants. 

The Gift Box seeks to give us an approach to nature, through products that will lead your senses through different paths. A fusion of sensations will give a 180º turn to your concept of forest.

Based on this, we present you with the products that make up this corporate gift:

  • Maple peanut butter and flower of salt - 270 g - Logan Petit Lot.
  • Dijon mustard and honey - 212 ml - Miel d'Anicet.
  • Pure maple syrup - 250 ml - Mastery of 15 lots.
  • Maple and flower of salt chocolate bar - 50 g - Quantu.
  • Forest beer - West Coast PPI 5.5% - 473 ml - Vilains.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

This corporate gift is exclusively for people over 18 years old. But its price is cheaper than the two previous ideas: $57.00 per box. Dare to buy it, because it is undoubtedly one of the most delicious corporate gifts, in every sense. 

Fourth idea: "childhood memories" gift box

This corporate gift is, without a doubt, one of the most tender and nostalgic that you can acquire. It is the "childhood memories" gift box. With this gift your clients will return to their childhood years, they will enjoy the toys or the candy bars. 

Your youngest customers will be delighted and the not so young ones too. With this corporate gift, your inner child will emerge with strength and joy. Based on this, below we present the products that make up this gift:

  • Vanilla marshmallow - Biscuiterie artisanale
  • Hot chocolate with caramel - 375 g - Dinette nationale.
  • Chocolate cookie jar - Bar à beurre.
  • Deer teddy - 6 pouces - Jelly cat.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

With this corporate gift you will get quality, at the best price. This is because it only costs $50.00 per box and is suitable for the whole family. Your clients will undoubtedly be surprised. So, cheer up, to discover your inner child.

Fifth idea: The Spicy one gift box

Our specialty is to please the most demanding palates. Therefore, with the following idea you will find the best of the peppers, in a fusion of quality, taste and spiciness. We are talking, indeed, about The Spicy one Gift Box

With this corporate gift, your clients will obtain products of high nutritional value, spicy and delicious, to accompany meals. From this, we present you the products that compose this gift:

  • Henrietta meat cartridge - 100g - Pork Shop.
  • Peanut butter chipotle- 270g - Logan Petit Lot.
  • Duck breast terrine with green bell pepper - 130g - Les Canardises.
  • Chêne réaction hot sauce -148 ml- La Pimenterie.
  • Special spicy hop sauce -148 ml- La Pimenterie.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

The gift box The Spice one, no doubt, has a wide variety for your exquisite taste. Made by the best artisans in Quebec, its unit price is $59.00 and can be consumed by any of your customers, who are prepared for the spicy and delicious.

Sixth idea: Chocolover gift box

For your chocolate-loving customers, the Chocolover Gift Box is perfect. More than surprised, your customers will be delighted by the variety of chocolate products, just for tasting.

The best artisans made sweet magic, a connection between the aesthetically beautiful and the quality that emanates from chocolate. That's why, below, we tell you what elements make up this corporate gift:

  • Dark chocolate cream with hazelnuts - 220 g - Allo Simone.
  • Chocolate lollipop - 12 g - Chocolat Boréale.
  • Box of 4 assorted chocolates - Chocolat Boréale.
  • Chocolate and apple cream - Tigidou.
  • Dark chocolate Grand Blanco 70% - 50 g - Qantu.
  • The gift box of Le Petit Dep.

No doubt your customers will be surprised by such a wonderful chocolate and your pocket will not suffer. The unit price of this gift is $55.50 and it can be consumed by the whole family, no matter how old they are. 

Seventh idea: Gift box for sweet and savory lovers

What would happen if, in a single gift, sweet and salty are combined, to achieve a superior harmony? Specifically, this offers you the following idea. The Gift Box for sweet and savory lovers will surprise your customers and they will love it.

This corporate gift box has, as an advantage, two opposite flavors in appearance. Combining flavors is a new experience that you should not miss. That is why we will tell you what elements this gift brings:

  • Caramelized popcorn 230 g - Pointe Pop
  • Peanut butter and maple sea salt 250g - Logan Petit Lot.
  • Caramel with flower of salt 210 ml - La Lichée.
  • Maple blossom salt chocolate bar 50 g - Qantu.
  • Gift box from Le Petit Dep.

With all the products it contains, your customers will be very satisfied and happy, while you will save money, while buying a very high-quality product. This gift has a price of $43.00, but it is certainly worth it. 

Eighth idea: Gift box with caffeine

The next corporate gift idea is the Caffeine Gift Box. In this one, unlike the previous ones, not all products are edible. This gives it a more unique and useful character for various tasks, such as eliminating bad odors with the soap it brings.

In this box the products with caffeine predominate, although chocolate and candy bars also come. Based on this, we present you the products that make up this corporate gift:

  • Double espresso soap - 100 g - Savonnerie des Diligences.
  • Caramel bar and flower of salt - 50 g - Dinette National.
  • Bitter chocolate CHUNCHO 70% - Yirgacheffe 94 Celsius - 50 g - Qantu.
  • Cold infused caramel coffee - 210 ml - La Lichée.
  • Coffee with cashew butter + maple - 270g - Logan Petit Lot.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

These products have been made by the best artisan hands in Quebec, at a price according to your needs. This corporate gift box can be purchased for only $58.00, and with the complete security of having the best products for your customers. 

Ninth idea: Censored gift box

The most useful corporate gift idea, and one that your most daring clients will love, is the Censored Gift Box. This is the hottest gift, but also the most fun to share with a partner. 

Its content, which will definitely surprise your clients, will also be of great help to have a pleasant and enjoyable moment with the person you love. Based on the above, this corporate gift brings the following products:

  • Box of 3 condoms - sensi-mince - Durex.
  • 2 fruits lollipops.
  • Passion chocolate bar 70% - 60 g - État de choc.
  • Chocolate and postcard - Rainbow - 90 g - État de choc.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

With this censored gift box, you will manage to bring out some smiles and make more than one customer happy. In addition, it reinforces sexual education (myths about it are eliminated), and all at a modest price of $49.00 per box.

Tenth idea: Merci gift box

The last idea we present you is the Merci Gift Box, perfect to thank all your customers. This corporate gift is one of the most sober of the selection, but it is also ideal for any event or holiday.

In this gift box you could not miss the chocolate or the sweets, which give joy to all the content. The impressions on your customers will be of gratitude and also of sincere joy. Now, this box brings the following products:

  • Chocolate card - Merci - 90 g - État de choc.
  • Sugared pecans and almonds - 150 g - Les Minettes.
  • Maple butter - Domaine des 15 lots.
  • Blueberry, ginger and lime spread - 270 ml - Dimanche matin.
  • Gift box Le Petit Dep.

With this corporate gift we culminate the 10 ideas we had for you, which were planned according to the highest quality standards. The price of the gift box is $53.00, but it will undoubtedly be one of the best investments in your life. 

Where can I get the best corporate gifts?

The best place, with the best artisans in Quebec, is Le Petit Dep. Since 2015 we focus on strengthening ties with local artisans, to transform our environment and improve the economy. 

In Le Petit Dep we are committed to improving the local, in the search for alternatives for everyone to win the right thing. In this case, with the corporate gifts, we intend to give you high quality products, at the best price and based on the possible needs of your customers. 

With these 10 original ideas to surprise your clients you will manage, in the same way, to make them fall in love. That said, if you want to visit us, our address is 179 St-Paul Ouest Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 1Z5

We also have other contact methods such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We are convinced that we are your best option for buying corporate gifts. Contact us, we are here to serve you.

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