10 original Christmas gifts for this year 2020

At the beginning of December, the holiday season is already making itself felt, Christmas is only a few sleeps away and now you must be wondering what original you are going to offer your loved ones this year.

In this article, you will find 10 proposals for original, local and gourmet gifts that will make the hearts of your loved ones shine.

Maple syrup

Delicious and gourmet to enjoy for breakfast. A sweet gift to offer to your guest, from a very personal point of view: by the belly.

This amber maple syrup is organic and comes from an exceptional production, both because of the climate and the geographical area where it is produced, and because of the ancestral harvesting methods with which it is harvested and which give it a unique taste.

It is undoubtedly an exquisite Christmas gift for lovers with a sweet tooth.

Coffee and maple cashew butter

A butter that will certainly become a staple for breakfast!

This butter is made from cashew nuts and is ideal to give a flavor to your toast. It is so good that some are even tempted to taste it directly with a spoon.

The production of this cashew butter with maple is carried out according to a meticulous artisanal process which guarantees its quality and which will know how to sweeten your mouth during the holidays!

Duck foie gras

For lovers of duck foie gras , a present that will certainly make them smile. To eat it, simply refrigerate it for three hours, which will cool it slowly and when you open it, you will have in front of you one of the most delicious foie gras, signed Les Canadises .

It can be enjoyed on delicious bread and becomes a superb accompaniment to champagne or cider. A whole symphony of delicate flavors. It is undoubtedly a great detail with which you can surprise your favorite people this Christmas .

Blackcurrant, walnut and orange cookies

These exquisite biscuits go wonderfully with a touch of cheese, a terrine, foie gras or a delicious onion confit.

Made with organic flour, black currants, nuts, mustard, orange peel, tarragon, buttermilk, among others, they become a delicate delicacy to enjoy at Christmas .


Another delicate detail with which you can pamper your loved ones this Christmas is the Assam Breakfast tea box.

The box contains 10 tea bags. The bags are made from vegetable fibers and according to strict nutritional standards, in order to guarantee their quality. They are made in the shape of a pyramid, so that the leaves, once infused, express all their freshness and richness of taste.

Its taste is frank and full-bodied, with typical aromas of tobacco, malt and fruits such as prunes. To be enjoyed with or without milk, for an exquisite breakfast or to accompany a delicious dessert. A real celebrity to celebrate life.

Maple candles

This typical Quebec candle is made from a box of maple syrup. Its all-natural waxy blend floods the room with the delicate, comforting scent of maple syrup.

Ideal for perfuming personal spaces during the season. This is an excellent gift that will transform the atmosphere, making it warm and cheerful.

Its manual manufacture makes this candle an excellent detail, with which you can surprise more than one of your loved ones at Christmas .

A tender gift box

It is undoubtedly the ideal gift for your loved ones who are starting to be parents, or simply if you want to be tender and show your love towards them.

This is a unique gift box, which contains handcrafted raspberry flavored marshmallows. Also bring a chocolate bar, a small lavender and sage candle, and a chocolate crunch.

All of this is accompanied by a gorgeous 12-inch bunny teddy bear, with which you will appease even the most skeptical.

But if this is not your theme, you can also choose from other options, with other types of plushies, t-shirts and even more sassy and spicy ones, which will amuse your guest.

caper button

These exquisite margarita button capers , preserved in the traditional way, are a delight. The buds are chosen from the best, to make a condiment that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Its taste stands out for being slightly spicy, salty and with a firm texture. Capers can be added to rice dishes, salads, sauces for meat, fish, pasta and stews.

Also to prepare a tartar sauce, or to give the decorative touch to canapés, or simply to enjoy its robust flavor with cheeses and wine.

Reusable cup

Another very original gift for Christmas is a Le Petit Dep ceramic mug. Its inner layer is ceramic and the outer layer is stainless steel.

Its design is available in 175 ml and 380 ml. You can also explore other gift options, because at Le Petit Dep there are many options where you will find the gift for each of your loved ones.

Socks !

Of course, socks are a must among Christmas gifts . Who hasn't received socks as a gift?

Socks are good, but not just any socks. Put aside the myth that socks are a gift without personality.

These socks are woven in the Bois-Francs region, with mohair, the fiber produced by Angora goats. The breed of goat from which the fiber is extracted has a history, since it has been raised for more than three decades in the region of La Chèvrerie Le Grand Flodden, in the villages of Eastern Quebec.

The foot comes into contact with the natural fiber, curly and undyed. Its outer cover is made of nylon and spandex, which ensures the elasticity of the product.

These socks are very soft, light and warm, much more than woolen socks, so you know what to get this Christmas .

Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you at Petit Dep online or at the store!

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