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National dinette

Erica and Catherine make sweet things.
Both born in 1977 to parents who didn't listen to the Sex Pistols, Erica and Catherine love rhubarb, Jura wines, doing things their own way, reading cookbooks before going to sleep, lighting a fire, and their hairdresser. They don't like tilapia, louts, Australian stains, Beatles, or watermelon flavor. In 2008, socially involved and anxious to improve the lot of their fellow citizens, they decided to join forces to offer the population of Montreal a vital element to their happiness: caramel. The first tests are exciting. Catherine gives up everything to go back to school. She will be crowned Pastry Chef at the ITHQ in 2009. In a hurry to start Dinette Nationale, she started with one idea in mind: to do everything herself, by hand (except the dishes!)

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