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Spice mix Gravlax pinch N°4

Spice mix Gravlax pinch N°4


La pincée

A great classic of Scandinavian gastronomy. Get a melting and creamy salmon with subtly aniseed aromas thanks to the La pincée Scandinave mix. Simple to use, the dosage is in the pot. Indeed, all you have to do is cover the flesh of a piece of salmon with some of the marinade and place it in a deep dish in the fridge for the magic to work. Allow two to three days, depending on the thickness of the piece, for the salmon to release its water and allow itself to be impregnated with the aromas of grilled herbs and spices that the mixture offers. You can use the mixture with trout, salmon and arctic char.

Gravlax can be eaten thinly sliced ​​as an appetizer on thin crackers with a hint of dill sauce or as a main meal accompanied by your best potato gratin, fine pickles and a crunchy salad. Dare to try it!

perfect chords
Savor on rice pilaf, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck, fish, tofu, mayonnaise for fries, omelettes, coconut milk sauces, chicken broth and soups.

Ingredients 50g
Sea salt, Guérande salt, raw cane sugar, freshly roasted spices
and ground, black pepper. (Contains no preservatives, garlic, onions or dehydrated vegetables).

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