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5 Quebec artisans to promote the local economy

Undoubtedly, promoting the local economy is necessary to contribute to society in a proactive way. That is to say, supporting artisans will make possible new jobs, businesses with greater commitment, high-caliber investments, and even greater coherence of the economic strategies used in the region.

Supporting artisans brings great benefits. However, not everyone prefers local. There are many factors that have an impact on that... that's why, at Le Petit Dep, we will tell you about 5 Quebec artisans to promote the local economy, and thus raise awareness of the virtues of artisanal products.

In this article, we will take a detailed tour of different artisans, so that you can observe their working vision and the services they offer. In this way, we will seek to discuss the importance of the local economy developed by the artisans of the province.

So, without further ado, let's start this adventure!

Why is it important to consume local products?

Many people believe that local products lack rigor and quality in their content. However, in addition to helping the economy of the area to develop, they provide nutritional benefits that have an impact on human health. 

In addition, consuming local products helps preserve the environment and encourages responsible consumption. So much so, that development is not only seen in the economy, but in the other elements of society.

Who is producing artisanal products in Québec?

Without a doubt, there are many artisans in the Quebec region. At Le Petit Dep alone, we count on the help of 150 who are identified by their quality and good service. With this in mind, one can intuit how many local artisans there are. 

Therefore, to briefly show you the panorama, we have decided to tell you about the following: Allo Simonne, État de choc, Gourmet du village, Miels d'anicet and Savvy Pantry, whose relevance in the region is very significant.

Miels d'anicet

If we talk about artisans, we cannot leave out the beekeepers and Miels d'anicet. Their work is important because it brings sweetness to our lives, based on an ethic that prioritizes quality and respect for their apiaries.

The Ferme-Neuve countryside, a wooded region with many wild flowers, has witnessed the authenticity of the honey that these artisans cold extract. Another important principle is that the honey is not manipulated by humans, so that it remains in its purest state.

Based on the above, here are some products of Miels d'anicet, with their respective link.

As you can see, Miels d'anicet not only extracts honey, but also makes products from it. We can find, in the catalog that we will put at the end, from soaps to barbecue dressings. This is due to the properties of honey. 

That is, consuming honey helps regulate blood sugar, reduces metabolic stress, helps control acne and dermatitis, reduces allergies, stimulates brain functions, reduces insomnia, is perfect for repairing wounds and is effective against constipation.

For these and many other reasons, honey is not only good as food, but also as a topical and raw material for personal hygiene products. There are many scopes, and at Miels d'anicet, creativity goes hand in hand with effectiveness.

Therefore, in this link you can see more products of Miels d'anicet.

Allo Simonne

When we talk about Allo Simonne, we mean internationally recognized quality. So, although the history of its founders, Quientin & Vincent, is very recent, their delicacies are an adventure awarded with several medals, at the International Chocolate Awards.

Since 2017, in collaboration with other Quebec artisans, these entrepreneurs have been elaborating delicious recipes. In addition, quality is fundamental in each of their products, which determines their seal and validity in the local market.

Here are some of their products.

Tartinade Noisettes, chocolat noir et café/Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Coffee Spread

This combination of hazelnut cream, dark chocolate and coffee conveys the joy of Quebec. With 54% hazelnuts, cane sugar, dark chocolate brought from Belize, ground coffee beans and cocoa powder... with all this, the combination and quality of the product is unavoidable. 

Plus, you can find it for $15.50 only.

Tartinade Noisettes et chocolat au lait/Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Spread

Undoubtedly, this combination of milk chocolate spread and hazelnuts has a very peculiar texture, but don't be fooled: it's so delicious, it even won a gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards.

Composed of 58% hazelnuts, accompanied by cane sugar, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, vanilla and fleur de sel, this product becomes a delight. Also, its price is worth all the money in the world: $15.00.

Tartinade noisettes chocolat jaguar/Hazelnut & Jaguar Chocolate Spread

This combination, called Hazelnut & Jaguar Chocolate Spread, is the recipient of two medals at the International Chocolate Awards: a silver medal, won in Italy (2019); and a gold medal, in the Canadian section (2019).

As a curious fact, this product is named after the "jaguar" cocoa bean, which has the particularity of being white. Its origin goes back to the gardens in the Mexican forests, home of the jaguars. For this reason, it was decided to name this product in such a way as to pay tribute to its origins.

It is 54% hazelnuts. It also contains cane sugar, jaguar dark chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla and fleur de sel. Likewise, its regular price does not exceed $16.50, so you will have no excuse not to buy it and enjoy its delights.

Tartinade noisettes chocolat noir/Hazelnut & Dark chocolate Spread

This dark chocolate hazelnut spread is so delicious, you won't be able to resist eating it straight from the jar. Plus, like the aforementioned combinations, it also won a silver medal at the Canadian section of International Chocolate Awards in both 2017 and 2019.

But it is not for less, since the combination of hazelnuts at 54%, cane sugar, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, vanilla and fleur de sel are determinants for the consistency of this product to be unique. In addition, the price is very affordable for all wallets: around $15.00.

Tartinade praliné noisette/ Hazelnut Praline Spread

On the other hand, this Hazelnut Praline Spread is ideal for lovers of this nut-like fruit. This combination has the particularity of containing 70% hazelnuts. In addition, it contains cane sugar, vanilla and fleur de sel, elements that provide a better consistency and an incomparable flavor. 

In addition, you can find it for $15.00.

Tartinade Amandes, cardamone et éclat de cacao/Almond, cardamom and cocoa burst spread

The combination of almond, cardamom and cocoa burst spread only adds to the quality that precedes Allo Simonne. This cream is recommended for people who cannot consume gluten, because it is gluten-free. In addition, it does not contain preservatives or added oils that are harmful to health.

This cream is made under the highest health standards, in a workshop that uses nuts, milk and peanuts. Of course, once the product has been purchased and opened, it must be kept under refrigeration. Now, its price is around $15.50, but it is worth every bite.

Tartinade noisettes chocolat noir et sarrasin/Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Buckwheat Cream

Finally, we'll tell you about the Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Buckwheat Cream, whose addictive taste has had 3 recognitions at the International Chocolate Awards: silver medal in Italy (2019) and also silver medal (2017 and 2019) in the Canadian section.

But it is all due to its combination of hazelnuts (at 50%), cane sugar, dark chocolate, buckwheat (as a fundamental part of the recipe), cocoa powder, vanilla and fleur de sel. Undoubtedly, one of the best experiences offered by Allo Simonne, at a price of $15.00.

État de choc

When we talk about Quebec artisans, we cannot forget the unbeatable work done by État de choc. Undoubtedly, it is a kind of metaphorical country for all people who love chocolate.

This is because of its constant exploration of flavors and endless gourmet adventures that will make your mouth water. Therefore, here is a list with the most select production of Étar de choc.

Carte chocolatée Noir - Montréal/Dark Chocolate card - Montréal

This 90 g dark chocolate card - Montreal will certainly make you happy. It is so, due to the quality of its chocolate, awarded by the International Chocolate Awards, with a silver medal. Undoubtedly, this handmade chocolate will make your palate always thankful. 

For this reason, you can find it at an affordable price of $16.50.

Carte chocolatée Érable - Montréal/Maple Chocolate Card - Montreal

Another product offered by État du choc is the Maple Chocolate Card - Montreal. Silver winner at the International Chocolate Awards (2019), this combination explores the virtues of maple in 90 g of artisanal chocolate. 

It is therefore a premium product, which you can find at a modest price of $19.95.

Carte chocolatée Lait - Montréal/Milk Chocolate card - Montréal

Like the previous products, the Milk Chocolate card - Montréal is accompanied by a beautiful postcard. It is also composed of a delicious Mahoë 43% (Grenada) Weiss milk chocolate. 

This simple element makes the product substantially unbeatable. As such, it was deserving of a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards (2019). 

With that in mind, you can find it at a modest $16.50.

Tablette Passion/Passion tablet

This particular combination is perfect to give as a gift at any time. Made with the most select Costa Rican cocoa beans, the Passion Tablette comes to flood your palate. 

Made by the best artisans, it is a vegan product, with an unbeatable price: $13.99.

Tablette Sapin Érable/Maple Tree Shelf

To end this section, we want to tell you about Tablette Sapin Érable, whose unit earned it a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards (2019). The combination between dark chocolate with jungle aromas, such as wood, herbs and fruits, will give your palate another sense.

However, the spruce buds and maple flakes give it an impressive touch to say the least. So much so that it has become one of the most sought-after artisanal products in the region.

You can purchase this delicacy at a modest price of $13.99.

Gourmet du village

When we talk about Gourmet du village, we mean quality recipes and artisan blends, since 1982. This is a company that grew through artisan fairs and farmers markets. From this, new products and flavors emerged that made people happy.

Undoubtedly, talking with customers motivates, day after day, to produce with the best possible quality. Likewise, with the elaboration of homemade products and the ease of their recipes, your pantry will never be the same again. That's why we present two indispensable products from Gourmet du village.

Chocolat Chocolat Chaud bacon érable/Maple Bacon Hot Chocolate

Without a doubt, the Chocolat Chaud bacon érable is perfect to start a good day. Made with the finest ingredients, all you need is hot water to enjoy and brighten up your morning. Remember, however, that if you are lactose intolerant, you should consume it at your own risk.

It costs 1.50 USD, but it is definitely worth it.

Mélange pour sauce à poutine/Poutine Sauce Mix

Mélange pour sauce à poutine is the essence of a French-Canadian dish, made with fried potatoes and cottage cheese, covered with gravy. This sauce is undoubtedly the heart of this dish and has come from the best artisans in the region

This product yields 2 cups and you can find it for a modest $4.99.

Savvy Pantry

Without a doubt, Savvy Pantry is on a mission to make food that is easy to eat, delicious to the palate, healthy and sustainable. This company features artisanal soups and bowls, made with organic ingredients.

With this, it is worth considering that they meet all the requirements of the "Zero Waste" movement, whose ideology lies in minimizing all waste such as plastic, rubber and other polluting materials.

Therefore, in addition to providing gourmet food, they also offer the possibility of helping the environment. This vision, undoubtedly, makes them an eco-friendly company. We will explain some of their products in detail below.

Soupe sri lankaise au tamarin et au lait de coco/Sri Lankan soup with tamarind and coconut milk

When it comes to vegan and gluten-free food, Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the best. Blending Indian, Thai and South Asian elements, the transformation of ingredients seduces the palate.

This soup, whose aroma emerges from tamarind leaves and curry, is perfect in a coconut milk broth. In addition, the spicy sauce can bring an additional value in excellent taste.

If you are a fan of oriental food, this soup is your best choice. Made with the finest ingredients, you will taste Asia in your own home. Plus, the price is very affordable. You will only have to pay $6.99.

Soupe thaï aux lentils, tomatoes and coconut milk/ Soupe thaï aux lentils, tomatoes and lait de coco/ Thai soup with lentils, tomatoes and coconut milk

This Thai soup, made with tomatoes and red lentils, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, is sure to wake up even the most incredulous palate. You can add coconut milk to enhance its flavor. Although by itself, it has a very high source of vitamin A and iron.

This delicious soup is made with the best ingredients and, being natural, it is perfect for a balanced diet. Likewise, it is a vegan soup and its price is even more surprising: with $6.99 you will be able to taste one of the best gourmet meals. 

Now, other dishes that Savvy Pantry offers, are:

How do I help promote the local economy?

After this extensive tour, it is essential to be clear on how to promote the local economy. This is solved, in one way or another, by investing in artisans, advocating for social-political changes that benefit entrepreneurs, and furthermore, by educating people about economics and finance. 

In other words, for the local economy to be promoted, it is not enough to have the initiative, but to implement an action plan with solid foundations. Once this is achieved, based on good financial education, the results that will emerge will be beneficial for everyone.

Where can I buy local products?

Without a doubt, the best place, and one that has the best artisans in Quebec, is Le Petit Dep. With experience in the world of entrepreneurship, we have been active since 2015, developing strategies to improve the local economy.

As Le Petit Dep, we are engaged in the search for new alternatives, to promote local artisans. In this way, many benefits can be achieved that impact, directly, on the well-being of all Quebecers.

Now that you know 5 Quebec artisans to promote the local economy, you can visit us. We are located at 179 St-Paul Ouest Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 1Z5. In the same way, we have social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Without a doubt, we are convinced that artisans are the cornerstone of local economies. Therefore, contact us: without a doubt, it will be a pleasure to attend your orders.

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