Strawberry jam: a spring delight

The spring 2022 season has begun, and with it many annual crops are beginning to bear fruit. Mangoes, melons, pineapples, oranges and strawberries are beginning to be used to prepare delicious jams.

Remember that a varied diet of fruits can benefit and improve the functions of our body.

That's why, this time, Le Petit Dep wants to introduce you to its special selection of jams made with the tastiest strawberries. From the most classic to exotic flavor combinations you'll love.

Strawberry jam

This presentation of strawberry jam is one of the most classic . It is also one of the most used by vegans, since its gluten-free content and natural sugars make it the best companion for toast and healthy desserts.

Fruit jam. Strawberry, raspberry and blackberry

This classic blend of berries (raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries) has been a dessert staple for many people for years. That is why it is one of the best options to enjoy its citrus flavors and vitamins A, C and B1.

Spicy strawberry jelly

This presentation of strawberry jam has been delicately combined with Scotch Bonnet peppers , giving it a slightly spicy flavor that is excellent to enjoy in dishes such as canapes, eggs and vegetables.

This exotic combination is worthy of those looking to try new flavor combinations. Harness the delicious taste of spring strawberries.

Strawberry + Rhubarb + Honey Spread

This jam is excellent to accompany breakfasts . Its slightly sweet flavor and notes of honey and rhubarb make it an exquisite combination.

This type of spreadable strawberry jam can be perfect for cookies, toast and ice cream, as its mild flavors are ideal for combining.

Strawberry & Basil Spread

The delicate flavor of basil-infused strawberries will bring exquisite taste to your table. This is the case with this strawberry jam which seeks to bring elegance to each bite .

This jam is rich in calcium and iron, ideal for dietetic accompaniment to breakfasts and desserts.

Looking for other flavors?

Le Petit Dep wants to bring the best jam flavors to your table. Browse our store and find the perfect flavor for you.

You can also find the best spring products to give as gifts or to enjoy small pleasures.

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