Christmas gift: 6 ideal options for any family

Christmas 2022 is upon us! As usual, this season invites us to reflect on all that has happened in the past year, to share with family, and to make each of our loved ones feel loved and special. What better way to show it than by choosing some amazing Christmas gifts that are sure to fill the youngest and oldest members of the household with joy and good cheer.

The big question is what should I give as a gift . Christmas gifts can be very varied. The important thing is to be creative, original and to convey through each gift our interest in pleasing the loved one.

At Petit Dep , we have the wonderful work of more than fifty Quebec artisans. That's why we're sure you'll find original and perfect Christmas gift ideas for your special someone at any of our sites or on our online shelves .

For that reason, here are six amazing ideas.

Let's go !

1. A new playmate

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the little ones, Jellycat soft toys can become the perfect playmate for your children or your nephews and nieces. There are five different designs inspired by cuddly little animals, which are made in luxurious plush fabrics.

Simply lovely! Buy one of the models by clicking here.

2. Give the gift of tasty mornings

For lovers of deep L, this delicious product from Petit Dep will be the ideal gift. In addition to offering an unparalleled taste and injecting a dose of energy thanks to all its properties, the recipient of this Christmas gift will know that you are attentive to their favorite tastes and flavors.

This coffee is ideal for espressos and lattes and has delicious notes of caramel and chocolate. Buy it by clicking a button .

3. Show your affection through good-for-you products

Organic products are an excellent gift for this Christmas period and those that, in addition to being of natural origin, will help counter the signs and symptoms of various diseases, are the spray and ointment of the brand Miels d'anicet .

Thespray is ideal for its antibacterial and healing effects, thanks to propolis, which is a material very similar to resin, but made by bees from the buds of poplars and other trees. The properties that this material has are very effective in the treatment of diseases caused by fungi, viruses or bacteria.

On the other hand, the ointment based on honey and propolis has repellent properties, which makes it a great ally for your family to avoid mosquito bites and other insects.

If you are visiting friends over the holidays, consider this kit as a gift for the whole family or for that special friend who is dear to you.

4. Flavours, aromas and textures for every type of palate

Still in the field of family gift ideas, Le Petit Dep also offers special boxes that can become the ideal complement to a reunion with family or friends, as is the case with La Bonne Vivante .

This Christmas gift incorporates several essential elements for lovers of wine, cheese and charcuterie boards. It contains an exquisite duck foie gras mousse, biscuits with figs, olives and fennel, chocolate, nuts, a delicious honey cream and tomato sauce and, to top it off, a delicious organic wine from the Domaine . Bergerville .

If you want to look good on your Christmas get-togethers, believe us, there is no better option than this.

5. For chocolate lovers

Don't think we forgot those who love sweet flavors! If you know someone who loves chocolate as much as we do, we're sure that as soon as you give them La Chocolatée , they'll love you.

This Christmas present contains a chocolate and hazelnut spread, salty and sweet popcorn, chocolate candies and a selection of chocolate bars. The textures, flavors and shapes will captivate you from the first bite - guaranteed!

6. Take your Christmas present to the next level!

Last minute purchases are unfortunately more common than we think and sometimes, even if we anticipate the date, we end up not buying that special gift or not being sure what we should buy for some of our friends or of our family.

It is also common for employees to receive various bonuses in recognition of their hard work during the year and we also have corporate gift boxes for them.

However, to come back to the initial idea, for the occasions when you don't know what to give, giving a gift card is the salvation. By giving a Le Petit Dep gift card, you are giving your loved one the opportunity to buy something totally tailored to their personal tastes, so our Christmas gift will be perfect.

Buy one of our gift cards now ! The amounts vary from 20 to 250 dollars.

Buy all your Christmas gifts in our shop and fill each of your loved ones with happiness and joy.

Don't wait any longer! We will be happy to help you.

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