Le Petit Dep for your local products

Le Petit Dep has taken an incredible turn since 2015 as part of the initiative to support local development by marketing Quebec products made by artisans in our city.

Sometimes, local consumption is not the best option for many due to the often higher prices of local and handmade products , lack of product variety or foreign consumer trends. But, we see this trend, accelerated also by the global pandemic of COVID-19, that people are increasingly starting to want to consume locally and encourage their economy. Why consume local products ? You can find fresher, healthier, preservative-free produce - local produce tastes better!

At Le Petit Dep, we give another dimension to local products with a wide range of artisans who are inclined to offer organic, delicious and high quality products.

Our boutique in Montreal is committed to supporting and promoting each of our local suppliers.

At Le Petit Dep , you will not only find good quality products, but also a warm atmosphere with retro charm that promotes culture and art through gourmet cuisine.

Le Petit Dep by the quality of these foods and the attention to the choices of its local suppliers , is even defined as a delicatessen where gourmet epicureans will certainly find their place.

Local products in Quebec

All the products you will find at Le Petit Dep are created by Quebec artisans.

In our shop you will find drinks, coffee, ice cream or meals to satisfy your midday hunger, all prepared by our in-house chef. A full menu to satisfy your appetite.

The development of the brands of our craftsmen is essential in our store. We promote an exclusive space where the variety of local products can be exhibited to customers who are increasingly concerned about their choice of consumption.

If you are a lover of local products, you will fall under the spell of the delicious products of Hola Simonne , who develops new gourmet recipes in the specialty of chocolate, hazelnut and caramelized banana creams. You will love them!

You will also enjoy afternoons full of delicious desserts next to Barra de mantequilla , a bakery famous for its Italian butter cookies.

If you are one of those who love extreme flavors in food, we have the best option for you with Mark's Hot Sauce . All of their hot sauces are handmade Quebec creations .

We are a big family possible by our artisans and suppliers here! From sweet ingredients your palate will love to exotic and delicious ingredients you'll want to try more.

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In our Le Petit Dep shop, you will not only find gourmet products that will delight your mouth, but you can also get to know and buy local organic products that will complete your home and products that will give your body comforting care.

Gift shop in Montreal

Imagine being able to enjoy an afternoon of rich coffee with dessert, a variety of delicious meals with an artisan approach at noon, being able to taste local and organic products to take away and also having the opportunity to give a gift special thanks to our gift boxes, all in one place!

Yes ! At Petit Dep , we offer a variety of gift boxes where you will find original and ecological ideas to offer to that special person for you.

We know that giving is an act of gratitude, generosity and love for those special people in your life. That's why we also help to surprise and excite your loved ones.

You can give our personalized box as a gift for women or as a gift for men.

When to offer one of our gift boxes ? At Christmas, your best friend's birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day, a gift for every occasion!

You will be able to find a wide variety of high-end zero-waste and delicious products online or in the physical store that you will like.

You will have the opportunity to choose a gift box containing the best local products to satisfy the palate of your loved ones.

Make incredible combinations between sweet and salty, a product for the home and at the same time for the kitchen, an exotic combination of spicy sauces with delicious chipotle peanut butter. Surprise that special someone with an amazing special gift box!

We create and carefully select our products to make our shop a place of inspiration.

If you are looking for quality, organic and delicious local products , you have come to the right place. Contact us via our website lepetitdep.ca and learn more about our products.

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