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Le Petit Dep is taking an incredible turn since 2015 under the initiative of supporting local development through the marketing of Quebec products made by artisans from our city.

It is often considered that local consumption is not the best option due to lack of quality, lack of variety in products or because of trends in foreign consumption, but why consume local products? You will be able to find fresher, healthier products without preservatives, because the local product tastes better!

In Petit Dep we give another dimension to local products along with a great team of artisans who are inclined to offer organic products, delicious and high quality.

Our store is committed to supporting and favoring each of our suppliers.

In Le Petit you will not only find good quality products, you will also enjoy a warm atmosphere with a retro charm that promotes culture and art through gourmet cuisine.

Le Petit Dep is more than a cafeteria, it is a store defined as a delicatessen. You will love every product in our store!

Local products in Quebec

All the products that you find in Le Petit Dep are created by the hands of artisans from Quebec.

In our store you will find soft drinks, coffee, ice cream or meals that satisfy your midday hunger and everything is prepared by our in-house chef. A complete menu to cheer up your palate.

The development of our craftsmen's brands is essential in our store. We promote an exclusive space where the variety of local products can be displayed.

Would you like to meet our family of artisans? We'll tell you more about our great team!

If you are a lover of local products, you will fall in love with Hola Simonne's delicious products, which develop new gourmet recipes in the specialty of chocolate creams, hazelnut creams and caramel bananas. You will love them!

You will also enjoy afternoons full of delicious desserts next to Barra de mantequilla, a bakery famous for its Italian butter cookies.

If you are one of those who enjoys extreme flavors in food, we have the best option for you with Mark's Hot Sauce. All hot sauces start with handmade Quebec products.

We are a big family! From sweet ingredients that will delight your taste buds to exotic and delicious ingredients you'll want to try more of.

Get to know them with just one click...

In our Petit Dep store you will not only find gourmet products that will delight your palate, but you will also be able to learn about and purchase local organic products that will complement your home and products that will give your body special care.

Gift store in Montreal

Imagine being able to enjoy in an afternoon a rich coffee with a dessert, a variety of delicious meals with a craft approach at noon, being able to enjoy local and organic products to go and also have the option to make a special gift through our gift boxes, all this in the same place!

Yes! In Le Petit Dep we offer a variety of gift boxes where you will find original and ecological ideas to give to that special person for you.

We know that giving is an act of gratitude, generosity and love towards those special people in your life. That's why we also help to surprise and move your loved ones.

You can give our personalized gift box as a gift for women or as a gift for men.

When to give one of our gift boxes? On Christmas, your best friend's birthday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day - a gift for every occasion!

 You can find a wide variety of high-end, zero-waste, delicious products online or in the physical store that you will love.

You will have the option to choose a gift box containing the best local products to satisfy the palate of your loved ones.

Make incredible combinations between sweet and savory, a product for the home and at the same time for the kitchen, an exotic combination of spicy sauces with a delicious peanut butter with chipotle. Surprise that special person with an incredible special gift box!

We carefully create and select our products to turn our gift store into a place of inspiration.

If you are looking for high quality, organic and delicious local products, you are in the right place. Contact us through our website and learn more about our products.

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