A third wave cafe

At Petit Dep, our coffee comes from two roasters, Pista and Demello, located in Montreal and Toronto respectively. Each of them aims to make exceptional coffee in a sustainable way while choosing each batch meticulously in order to obtain the best possible selection.

Enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your home by purchasing one of our Aéropresse or V60 type coffee machines sold in our three branches! You also have the option of getting your hands on one of our coffee bags from Pista and Demello and grinding the beans on the spot.

In order to promote this art, Le Petit Dep organizes workshops for coffee enthusiasts. By participating in one of its events guided by a professional barista, you will have the chance to learn the art of tasting in order to be able to recognize the subtle and unique notes of coffee. You can discover the life cycle of a bean while exploring the origins of coffee. It's also the perfect opportunity to impress the gallery by learning how to brew the perfect filter coffee!

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