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A menu based on local products

At the Petit Dep, we believe that it is important to encourage local purchasing, which is why our products are mostly made by Quebec artisans.
Ready-to-eat meals, refreshing drinks, coffee, ice cream: the Petit Dep menu is full of choices! Discover our many options that will satisfy your hunger for lunch or quench your thirst.

Ready-to-eat meals 
All our take-out meals are prepared by our in-house cook and can be reheated on the spot. We rely on an artisanal approach, leaving aside the purchase of industrial food products. You will find on our menu home-style meal options such as our shepherd's pie or soups, salads for a lighter dish and our meat or vegetable sandwiches. In order to expand and diversify our menu, we have decided to offer a wider range of 100% vegan dishes such as curry, chili or pokebowl from FoodChain catering.

Pastries and baked goods 
Our customers love our pastries and baked goods because we make sure to serve them fresh every morning! From Montreal's artisanal bakery Les Co'pains d'abord, you can choose from our many flavors of croissants, apple turnovers, fruit danishes or muffins. A must-have for your coffee!

Whether it's milkshakes, smoothies or lemonades, every beverage offered on our menu is carefully prepared on site by our baristas. We promote the freshness of our beverages by preparing our smoothies using fresh and frozen fruit to ensure sustainability. We also offer almond, soy and oat milk to accommodate all types of customers. 

Ice Cream
A hot day or just want a nice iced treat? Our ice cream is one of the most popular items during the summer season. We are proud to be doing business with Les givrés, a Montreal-based company that relies on a production made with natural and local ingredients. Enjoy original flavors such as mango-coconut-pineapple, Quebec strawberries, blueberries and more, because they change every two weeks! We also offer delicious frozen sandwiches to satisfy your sweet cravings!

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