Valentine's Day

Le Petit Dep is celebrating Valentine's Day!

I, the undersigned Le Petit Dep, have decided to allow five people, five and no more, please remember, to enjoy an evening at my café-bar in Griffintown.

These five chosen ones will discover my new space, and will be initiated into all its secrets, all its magic. Then, at the end of the tour, everyone will be entitled to a special gift: Adults, look carefully for your golden tickets! Five golden tickets were printed on gold paper, and these five golden tickets are hidden in the wrapping paper of five bouquets of tulips from Fleuriste Monarque. These five sticks will be found anywhere – in any Petit Dep store on any street. And especially online at where the bouquets are available.

Do not hesitate to pre-order before February 10 at 12 p.m. to maximize your chances because we will only have a few bouquets in store on February 14!

Good luck to all and good luck!

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