Maple butter
Maple butter

Maple butter


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Why is it called maple "butter"? It's all in the magic, since it's a 100% natural product that includes maple syrup as the only ingredient. This maple butter is handmade in collaboration with a syrup producer from Bury in the Eastern Townships. The characteristics of this maple butter stand out, producing a creamy and tasty maple butter.

Ingredient: pure maple syrup

Size 75g

Refrigerate at all times. Stir if the syrup sits on top of the butter.

Note: The jar label can be customized with your company colors. Write to us and we will be happy to help you.

How to use it ?

Create from our famous maple syrup infused with coffee beans, your recipes will become worthy of those of a great chef. Whether on a croissant for lunch or to enhance the flavor of your desserts, dare everywhere and amaze your guests.

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